flickpx for Flickr is a fast, beautiful app for accessing the most common features on Flickr.

App Name: flickpx for Flickr (iPad)download_now

Description: flickpx for Flickr is a fast, beautiful app for accessing the most common features on Flickr. It is designed by photographers for people who enjoy their photography.

The app design concentrates on displaying your photos in the best possible way so that you can enjoy your experience on Flickr. Just look at the screenshots to see what we mean.

We welcome constructive criticism and requests for useful features so that we can improve the app for all our users.

If features are what you’re after, here is a list:

– View your Photostream of recent photos from all your Contacts.

– Switch between 3 different modes when viewing photos:
1. Single photo.
2. Grid view: click the grid button to view a continuous flow of photos by swiping to the left.
(We think you will love this mode)
3. Maximized Photo: tap and hold on a photo and it will be expanded to occupy the whole screen. Tap & hold again to return to the previous view.
(We think you will love this mode too).

– View your own photos, your Contacts, your Sets, your Groups, your Favorites.

– Explore Flickr’s most interesting photos for the day: “Interestingness”.

– Explore Recent Photos uploaded by Everyone.

– Click on any user’s photo to explore their Photostream, their Contacts, their Sets, their Groups, their Favorites and their User Info.

– You can “Follow” a user by selecting their “User Info” which will take to the Flickr website where you can follow them.

– Click on a photo to view individual photo details such as: Comments, Favorites, Tags, Sets, Groups.

– For individual photos you can: Comment on a photo, add it to your Favorites & “Save” a photo (if the user has allowed download of their photo).

– Extensive “Search” features for searching for photos & groups.

– You can Search for Photos or search for Groups.

– You can Sort search results by: Relevant, Recent or Interesting.

– You can turn Safe Search to: ON, Moderate or OFF.

– You can search for photos according to License type: “All licenses” or “Creative Commons only”.

– You can Upload your photos either from the Camera or from your Existing photos on your device & add a Title to your photo.

– You can “Refresh” your photos at any time by clicking on the Refresh button to get the latest photos.

– flickpx only requires a one time authorization with the Flickr web site the first time you launch the app (unless you specifically Logout of the app every time you use it).

– Other information:
– flickpx uses caching in order to avoid unnecessary requests especially when using a 3G connection. You can do a manual refresh at anytime by clicking the Refresh button.
– flickpx checks the size of the image cache at every launch of the app & reduces the cache size automatically if it gets too large.
– Some photos take longer to load as the quality & size varies greatly.
– Feedback and support: support@techmediamobile.com.
– Follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook for useful info and upcoming updates.

– Notes:
– flickpx requires a member account on Flickr to enjoy it fully.
– flickpx is compatible with iPads with version 7.0 of iOS or later.
– flickpx requires an Internet connection either using WiFi or 3G.

– flickpx uses the Flickr APIs but Flickr does not endorse or sponsor flickpx and Techmedia Mobile Pty Ltd is not affiliated in any way with Flickr.

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