MeetupGroup provides members of with easy access to the site content while on the go.

App Name: MeetupGroup v2 for Meetup (iPhone)download_now
Description: MeetupGroup provides members of with easy access to the site content while on the go. It is the “first” iPhone client for accessing content on the web site. This is Version 2 of the app with a complete new design refresh and additional new features. It’s main features include: latest Activity Feed, your Calendar, your Groups, Group Albums, Group Discussions, Album Photo Viewer & a Search for Finding Meetups & Groups.

. View beautiful high resolution photos
. Share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram
. Responses to meetups
. View Member Profile including photo & bio (New Design)
. Photo comments including the high res photo & album information
. View photo comments and add new comments
. View album associated with a photo
. Starting & replies to Discussions (cannot reply to discussions)
. View Discussions button which will take you to the discussions page on so that you can reply to a discussion
. Member joins

. Upcoming & Past meetups across all your groups
. Filter meetups (All, Yes, Waiting, ToRSVP, Free, Weekend)
. Meetup details including who’s coming, price & zoom-enabled location map
. Upload photos to any meetup event from the Meetup Details screen
. Ability to RSVP to a meetup
. Respond to Meetups which “require” a payment by going to the Meetup “official” site
. View attendees (& bio) to a meetup
. View meetup comments and add new comments
. Ability to “Join A Group” from the RSVP screen of an event when you search for meetups

. View all the groups you belong to
. Filter the group list
. View “Group Discussions” (read only) & reply to discussion by going to the site
. View group details including creation date, organizer, location & rating
. View group page on within the app
. View “all” group albums
. Filter the group albums list
. View upcoming meetups for individual groups
. View past meetups for individual groups (up to a year)

. View all thumbnails for an album
. Browse individual high resolution photos
. Save photos & share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram
. View photo comments and add new comments
. Slideshow feature
. Ability to zoom individual photos

. Ability to search either by Groups or Meetups
. “Select Category” to focus your search, e.g. Photography,Outdoors
. Enable location services for the app to find groups or meetups near your current location
. Enter a city name or search by Zip Code (US) or by Post Code (UK)
. Specify distance from location in your search
. Specify time frame in your search
. Specify how to sort your results including “Trending” meetups (if available)

* Caching of the Activity Feed, My Calendar, My Groups, Group Albums
* You can always do a manual refresh anytime to get the latest data from

. MeetupGroup only requires a one time authorization with the web site the first time you launch the app (unless you specifically Logout of the app every time you use it).

– Other information:
. MeetupGroup RELIES ON FEATURES CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ON THE API. e.g. Replies to Discussions are not currently possible through the API.

– Notes:
. MeetupGroup requires a member account on in order to function.
. MeetupGroup is compatible with all versions of iPhone & iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or later.
. MeetupGroup requires an Internet connection either using WiFi or 3G.

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