FasterFriends for Facebook is an easy and fast app for accessing the most common features on Facebook.

App Name: FasterFriends for Facebook HDdownload_now
Description: FasterFriends for Facebook is an easy and fast app for accessing the most common features on Facebook.

If features are what you’re after, here is a list:

– Post Status Updates & upload photos to your Wall.
– Full News Feed with comments, likes & posting comments & likes.
– Access to your Wall & view Friends’ wall with comments & likes posting.
– View your Photo Albums & Friends’ Albums (depends on privacy).
– Browse Album Thumbnails & high resolution photos.
– View Photo comments & likes & posting comments & likes.
– View your Friends list with a search & an index for faster access.
– View your Friends Mutual Friends & add new friends.
– View your Groups & Friend’s Groups (depends on privacy).
– View Group Wall & post comments & likes. View Group Members.
– View Notifications & mark notifications as read.
– View your Messages & compose new & replies to messages.
– Go to Chat with your online friends.
– Search for Places around your location & anywhere.
– Checkin to Places & view recent friend checkins at a place (if any).
– Search for Friends/People, Pages & Groups.
– View Page & Group Info, Photos & Wall.
– View & respond to Friend Requests.

. FasterFriends only requires a one time authorization with Facebook web site the first time you launch the app (unless you specifically Logout of the app every time you use it).

Other information:
. FasterFriends uses caching in order to avoid unnecessary requests especially when using a 3G connection. You can do a manual refresh at any time by clicking the Refresh button.
. Some photos take longer to load as the quality & size varies greatly.

. FasterFriends requires a member account on Facebook in order to function.
. FasterFriends is compatible with iPad with iOS 7.0 or later.
. FasterFriends requires an Internet connection either using WiFi or 3G.

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